Wine 101: Decanting Napa Valley Wine

By Clif Family Winemaker Laura Barrett Wine consumers often wonder if, and when, they should decant a wine. There are two main benefits to using a decanter – aeration, and decanting sediment. Aeration is most useful for young wines that need some extra air to open up. Oxygen can help a wine express its aromatics.…

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The Story Behind the Wine: Clif Family Rosé

By Winemaker Laura Barrett In my first weeks as Winemaker at Clif Family Winery I got straight to work on finishing our very first vintage of Mendocino Rosé of Grenache. It was the 2014 vintage and 150 cases of very, very pale pink wine. It was fruity and delicious and sold out in just 3…

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Napa Valley Harvest Season

Fuel Up for Harvest in Napa Valley

Blog Post By Meg Barkley Harvest is a festive time in Napa Valley between early morning vineyard picks, long days crushing fruit and welcoming the many visitors who come to the valley to experience the fall colors and taste our Napa Valley wines. With grapes getting most of the focus, we have limited time to…

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