Clif Family Organic Farm Preserves Collection

Delicious Preserves from the Clif Family Organic Farm Kitchen

Capturing the Essence of Napa Valley’s Bounty Nestled amongst the natural beauty of Napa Valley, the Clif Family Organic Farm Kitchen is where nature’s bounty is transformed into delicious preserves. Our dedicated team transforms the fruit and vegetables from our organic Napa Valley Clif Family Farm into mouthwatering preserves that capture the essence of each…

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Clif Family Curry & Hot Honey Roasted Peanuts​

Curry & Hot Honey Roasted Peanuts

Curry & Hot Honey Roasted Peanuts Recipe by Executive Chef John McConnell Looking for a snack with a bit of a kick? Look no further than these Curry & Hot Honey Roasted Peanuts! The combination of fragrant curry powder and spicy hot honey makes these peanuts a flavorful and addictive snack. Plus, roasting them in…

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Our Journey to B Corp Certification

Our Journey to B Corp Certification By Linzi Gay When I joined Clif Family Winery & Farm in 2007, I was motivated and passionate about building a wine and specialty food company that was focused on sustainable business practices to support our people, our community and our planet. Gary and Kit had brought the same…

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How to Dye Easter Eggs Naturally

By Meg Barkley Spring colors are beginning to submerse the Napa Valley landscape. The season welcomes fruit tree blooms in colors of snow white, pale pink and brilliant lavender. Bright daffodils pepper vineyard lanes. Nestled in between the rows of vines are vibrant cover crops of fava beans, red clover, and wildflowers. You may see…

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